Services for Expatriates in Spain

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Services for Expatriates in Spain

Deciding to move to another country, whether alone or with your family, is a process that requires careful planning, making a series of key decisions, and managing a range of visa and residency procedures. Spain is an attractive destination due to its lifestyle and climate; however, settling in may require some expatriate services in Spain. If you are interested in immigration to Spain, you can rely on our team of immigration lawyers.

Our immigration agents in Spain are ready to assist you with comprehensive services tailored to your needs when you move to the country. You can count on us for applying for Spanish citizenship.

Services Dedicated to Moving to Spain

Immigrating to Spain from the US or from other countries in Europe, Asia, or other regions, involves a set of mandatory steps that begin with obtaining the appropriate visas for the country. It is important to note that not everyone will require a visa; more specifically, if moving from another EU country, visa and work permit requirements will be lighter. However, you will still need to address issues such as residency and legal employment. Spain also offers the possibility of obtaining golden visas under specific requirements. Our experts can provide you with more details on the Spanish golden visa.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Spain offers a comprehensive package for expatriates which includes the following services:

  • Visas: we can assist you in applying for the necessary visas to enter the country or for specific purposes such as studying or the entrepreneur visa.
  • Residence permit: legally residing in Spain is done with a valid residence permit; we can assist you in applying for one.
  • Employment: you can start thinking about moving to Spain once you have obtained a job contract with a Spanish employer; we can assist you with all matters related to expatriate employment in the country.
  • Housing: renting or buying a house can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have much time to search for the perfect residence; our immigration agents in Spain can assist you.

This list is not exhaustive. We know that every individual or family deciding to move to Spain will have different backgrounds, and we will analyze all issues before outlining the steps you need to take for a smooth transition. In case you need other services in Spain, such as assistance in drafting a will or specialized legal assistance for divorce cases in Spain, our team of lawyers can help.

Our specialists are at your service to provide you with personalized guidance on obtaining a residence permit in Spain.

Other Aspects to Consider When Moving to Spain

Relocating to another country will entail much more than the steps outlined below. These are just the initial ones when immigrating and applying for a residence permit in Spain. They are followed by others such as choosing an insurance plan, finding suitable options for education or childcare, translating documents, and even obtaining driver’s licenses or vehicle insurance in Spain.

You can reach out to our team specializing in immigration in Spain for comprehensive details on the services we offer to expatriates. We can also assist you in obtaining Spanish citizenship.